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Pott'd™ Extra Pack of Premium Air-Dry Clay (1kg)

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➕ 1x Extra Pack of Pott'd Premium Air-Dry Clay (1kg)
👐 Our clay is the best around. Soft and supple to work with, and dries without cracking in 24-48 hours! Our air-dry clay doesn’t need to be fired in a kiln to make it strong
💡 Get creative! Our clay is perfect for crating plant pots, vases, dishes and ornaments. Grab yourself a full Pott’d Kit to get loads of extra pottery tools and how-to guides
🖌️ Finish with subtle lines and etches and leave a natural colour, or use the paints and sealant provided in our full kit to bring your creation to life!
🌸 One pack provides enough clay to create 3-5 medium-sized creations or 1-2 large ones! Check us out on IG and TikTok for more clayspiration.

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